Welcome to the new CT Fletcher website



Welcome to the new MUTHA F$%KIN website! Thanks for the overwhelming response so far!

In addition to the site, I’ve also just released a NEW T-SHIRT on my merch page.

And don’t forget… IT’S STILL YO MUTHAF$@#IN SET

30 Responses to Welcome to the new CT Fletcher website

  1. HRISTO PELOV says:


    CT FLETCHER© 2013

  2. Jared Reid says:

    Site is looking good CT!

  3. corey says:

    Yes, all CT stuff in one place…most definitely book marking this site.

  4. Gareth Dawe says:

    Great looking site CT! Thanks for the continued motivation. Mt bicepius here we come!

  5. anthony says:

    thanks for the motivation CT

  6. erik says:

    Hope this website takes off and grows into a monster. Your training style has completely changed my life. I can’t wait for The Master Plan.

  7. Sharlotte says:

    Following and using your motivation advice to improve on adding muscle and weight. #49yrfemalehardgainer( sm frame) (athletic build)

  8. Eric says:

    I want to train with the Gods, Can u help me out Ct

  9. karim says:

    hehe this summer i am going to california so i can get a chans to workout with CT at metroflex gym …. cant wait :)

  10. Sahdeep says:

    Everyday, before i leave for the gym I sit down and for 20 mins, I watch your videos. It gives me more pump than any pre-workout out there.! Great Job CT!

  11. chris says:

    U had a shirt in a video that said certified beast, is that shirt for sale on your site?

  12. Tom Gentle says:

    Holy fuck.

    You look scary as shit in that image

  13. John R says:

    CT ..thanks for the fu*kin motivation!!!!

  14. Marlon Dews Jr. says:

    A close friend of mine put me on your YouTube videos about three months ago about working and I must say, it’s a true work of art. “Dumbbells, barbells is our hammer and our chizzle, and we chizzle……a flesh and a blood……a sculpture, to be presented to the world……a f**kin’ masterpiece when we’re done.”

  15. thaddeus iiams says:

    this guy not only reanspired me for the gym but .life itself.thank you ct really reached me.

  16. ramón says:

    ct can you sign a shirt for me when i buy it

  17. Loretta says:

    My brother wants to come and train at your gym CT when we come to visit from little old NZ! He follows you online and is a solid power lifter with crazy Samoan genes… please get back to me via email :)

  18. Earle says:

    You’re one of the rawest and realist in this iron game Ct. I heard about you threw a friend at work and have been following you ever since. Keep it raw! There is no bullshit in your voice at all! I’ve always been a fan of the hardcore…..that’s where you find out what your made of. You rock.

  19. donald wallace says:

    Looking good…. You not alone!!!!

  20. johnvb says:

    Your pretty cool and very inspirational…you’ve motivated the absolute fuck outta me….and ive only just met you

  21. Yasien High says:

    Best motivator every keep it up

  22. Matt says:

    Ct u r a ledge at first I found u funny to watch but watched a few videos and now Ifind it inspiring and im pushing harder :)

  23. Gabe López says:

    I command this site & all its contento to grow, grow muthafucka, grow. You ain’t no sttonger than me; so grow muthafucka

  24. Gabe López says:

    I command this site & all its content to grow, grow muthafucka, grow. You ain’t no stronger than me; so grow muthafucka

  25. Sheldon Ferguson says:

    Thank you for sharing your life story. Your my hype man you keep that passion of making love with iron and crushing pain at thee same time far and foremost thank you CT Fletcher,Rasha

  26. Troy says:


  27. AJ Young says:

    Damn, if I could fly out there for the MASTER PLAN certification I would! Who knows, maybe I will!

  28. jason flynn says:


  29. ANTHONY TOTO says:

    CT. Your workouts are bad ass. This is the change I need in the gym

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