We are here to answer any questions you may have about Iron Addicts Products @ CTFLETCHER.com. Reach out to us and we’ll respond as soon as we can. Interested in seeing new products or want additional info on an item that is currently out of stock. Let us know.


We regret to inform all IRON ADDICTS that IRON ADDICTS BRAND (ironaddictsbrand.com) is no longer in business.

CTFLETCHER.com, Iron Addicts Inc. & Iron Addicts Gym are not responsible for any orders that were placed on or shipping from IRONADDICTSBRAND.com. Please contact Iron Addicts Brands directly if you have a missing order or current order placed. C.T. & Iron Addicts Inc. has done everything in our power to rectify the situation with no success.

This closure does not and will not affect any orders purchased through CTFLETCHER.com, Iron Addicts Gym or Iron Addicts Inc. It’s still our MUTHA FU*KIN SET!

Thank You for understanding as Iron Addicts Inc. works through the situation. We apologize for any problems this situation may have created for you.

C.T. Fletcher & The Iron Addicts Family

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Signal Hill, CA 90755